The EdgeMaster is a commercial-grade edging machine that offers unmatched durability for large property managers, municipalities and anyone else who needs their edging machine to last year after year. All steel construction, a 1 inch spindle and an adjustable curb wheel ensure lasting power and versatility.

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy duty, all steel construction
  • Hollow one inch spindle uses larger bearings for longer wear
  • Blade mounts on a 1/2 inch shear bolt to protect the spindle
  • Dual purpose tensioner lever engages blade and adjusts blade depth
  • Solid steel control rod
  • One year limited commercial warranty


Model E104 EdgeMaster

The Model E104H creates a new standard for the commercial edging industry. Designed with the rental industry in mind, this edger is built to take extreme abuse.

Engine 5.5 HP w/ oil alert (Honda GX series)
Weight 115 Pounds
Drive System
Double Belt
Construction Structural Steel
Clutch System Double Belt Idler
Depth Control Tensioner Lever
Blade Size Up to 10 inches
Wheels Steel with 9 inch Pneumatic Tires
Max. Curb Height 10 inches
Bearings 1 inch Industrial
Blade Mount 1/2 inch Grade 8 Bolt
Tool Holder 3 inch Steel Tubing
*Dependent on soil conditions and/or rotor choice