The WireMaster Mole is a lightweight machine designed to install invisible dog fencing in one easy operation.  It digs a trench from 2”-4” deep, installs wire at the bottom of the trench, and covers the trench - all simultaneously, with a minimum of turf disturbance.

WireMaster Mole Design Features

  • Rotor is fully enclosed
  • Minimum turf damage
  • Rubber hood for easy dirt build up removal
  • Pulling unit allows legs to do the work
  • Remove one nut to change rotor
  • Light weight:  95 pounds
  • Maneuverable for making turns
  • Installs wire up to 25 feet per minute, depending on soil conditions


Model R460HA WireMaster Mole

Engine GX160 5.5 HP Honda
Weight 95 pounds
Steel with 9 X 3.5-4 Pneumatic Tires
Rotor Points Tungsten Carbide
Drive Double belt drive system with hand actuated clutching
Rate Up to 25 feet per minute*
Depth 2, 3 and 4 inches
Ship by Motor Freight
Overall Width
26 inches
Overall Height 52 inches (Operating configuration)
42 inches (Handle folded)
*Dependent on soil conditions and/or rotor choice